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keep on keepin on

I have had this song stuck in my head since this morning and one quick Google search led me to the source… darn Chase commercial! Some songs can be irritatingly catchy, but at least this one fits the mood of the week. Not to mention, I love it.

And speaking of moodiness, I have progressed from depleted to eating pate for breakfast and fried chicken at midnight to twiddling my thumbs and, just this morning, looking ahead again. Keep on keepin on, friends.

“Under Control” by Tim Myers feat. Ben Lee. Free download via the Chase website here.

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If you were a clock, I’d be the hands, if you were the tide, I’d be the sand, and I’d be the sun, if you were the trees, but you are just you, and I am just me
  • Jess Penner ‘Don’t Come Over’

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