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As soon as you click play you will realise this song will probably have the most meaning to your life/childhood.
As you listen to this it will bring back so many memories, so many laughs along with tears. But one thing is certain as long as we stick together the faith will never die, Harry Potter will always be our past, our future, our present and most importantly it will live on forever. Even though the journey is coming to an end it is certain it will never end, because it’s kept us all so strong over the years, it’s taught us about friendship and bravery and more importantly it helped us to believe in magic, so as this song plays lets just take a few minutes out to thank JK rowling for the wonderful world she created for all the people she introduced into our life. The friends we gained due to Harry Potter, the belief that if you fight until the end everything will finally feel safe and happy. We’ll hold up our wands on July 15th for the first official showing of the finale we call our childhood. <3

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